Kreševo is a small town in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, located at the foot of the mountain Bitovnje, more specifically at its protrusions, mountains Inač and Lopata. Mountaineering in Kreševo has been nurtured since 1936 through the work of a mountaineering association ''Bitovnja'',  seventy-five years of work of the association can be noticed everywhere. If we consider the long tradition of mountaineering in Kreševo, it is not surprising that the idea of  the first Outdoor Photo & Film Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina was born here.

The First Outdoor Photo & Film Festival- 3fok

The idea of the festival has been several years old, and everything started at the beginning of 2013 when the conditions for the organisation were created. After years of negotiation and  work on the idea, the festival has finally got its date and name "Outdoor Photo & Film Festival 3fok". The acronym 3FOK has been made by 'playing' with initial letters of name of the festival, FFF or 3F stands for photo and film festival, O stands for outdoor, and K stands for Kreševo, the town where the festival is being held.

The first call for entries for the festival was announced on June 1. The news spread quickly, and soon after that the first works began to arrive. Rapid but thorough preparation brought results. That was evident at the very first day of opening, on August 1, 2013, on Fra Grga Martić Square in Kreševo, where the film projections were held. In four nights of the festival, visitors were able to see a quality program with 29 competitive films. In review part of the program they could see works and enjoy the presence of renowned authors like Ilhan Dervović, Stipe Božić and  Dinno Kassalo. During the festival, photographs from the competition were exhibited in premises of cultural society HKD '' Napredak ''. The festival was closed after winner announcement. By decision of the jury, the awards by category for the best photogtaphy won:

Mountains, sport and adventure ( Activities) by Adnan Behrem – Prenj

Invaders of useless (mountain climbs) Aleksandar Tijanić – Kavkaz

Leave your trail in mountain (ecology): Tomislav Marković  

Forgotten beauty of nature: Tomislav Marković – Mountain lake

The award for the best film won Dalibor Sičanica for the film  'Mountainpath Bitovnja-Pogorelica-Vranica'.


The second Outdoor Photo & Film Festival - 3fok

Since the organizers, members of  mountaineering association ''Bitovnja'' Kreševo, have set a high goal and that was to reach and surpass the first festival, at the beginning of September 2013, a call for entries for the second 3fok was announced. 3fok 2014 will be held from 31.7-3.8. 2014 in Kreševo. Great interest for participation and interviews with authors have led to an increase in the number of categories when it comes to photography and as such all authors can compete in the next categories:

  • Forgotten beauty of nature ( mountain landscape)
  • Mountains, sport and adventure ( activites in mountain)
  • Leave your trail in mountain (ecology)
  • Invaders of useless (mountain climbs)
  • Home away from home (mountain facilities)
  • Underground (caves)
  • Of flies make elephant (macro photography)
  • From drop to lake (water motifs)
  • Light in darkness (night photography)
  • Inhabitants of the mountains ( plants and animals) 

In addition to the categories that have been published by the organizer, an organization ''Terra Dinarica'' BiH gives a special award for an additional category "Via dinarica". The purpose of this organization is to promote mountains of Dinara.

Announcement of the winners will be on Saturday,  on August 2, 2014. After announcment there will be a ceremony for authors and visitors. Those who spend the night in Kreševo will have an opportunity to participate in photography and video workshops and to enjoy hiking in the mountains, on Sunday morning.

Review part of the festival for this year haven't been announced yet, but considering the last year's program there will be many surprises. All we can do is to follow the official internet presentation of the festival or Android application  (the audience will be able to vote via this application).We also expect hot summer days and a mountain breeze from  Bitovnja to refresh us during the outdoor projections.


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